Lightweight and easy to fix fiberglass strut - Smart Fiberglass Strut

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Don’t let corrosion get the best of you

Wouldn't it be great to walk into a facility where you installed your pipes 10 years ago and see the whole space looking brand new, just like the day it was installed? From plant operators to business owners, they all love our Fiberstrut channels as no corrosion equals better reliability and lower maintenance costs. Get your reputation enhanced by making jobs that last and look nice.

About the Smart Fiberglass Strut

It is a non-corrosive system. Resistant to sunlight (UV), thermally and electrically non-conductive and non-magnetic providing high-lasting and resistance with full performance for light structural support.

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Smart benefits of the SFS

Technical Data Smart Fiberglass Strut

- Easy cut and handling on site
- Lightweight
- Rusting and corrosion reistant
- Strength as the steel rail 'L<22in'
- Temperature resistance installation 14ºF/140ºF
- Resistant to sunlight (UV resistant)
- Non-conductive material

The perfect strut for the Smart Strut Clamp SSC




Combine it with the SSC

Step up your electrical installations with our Smart Strut Clamp. Designed with safety and productivity in mind, the SSC is adapted to the SFS enhancing your performance so you can complete your installations faster and easier.

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