Discover the new FORCE ONE
The most powerful, lightweight, and ergonomic gas nail gun.

Leave behind harsh and slow predrilling

Improve your productivity and work faster than ever before with the FORCE ONE nail gun.

About the FORCE ONE nail gun

CELO's FORCE ONE outperforms its competitors with its durability and reliability which delivers unrivalled efficiency. It provides the fastest and most efficient solution for fastening electrical accessories in ceilings and walls. Developed for use across all types of sectors, its design makes it ideal for fastening electric pipes and conduits into concrete, block or steel.

FORCE ONE main features

Clean and quiet: ideal for confined spaces

Computer controlled smart fan adjusts to environment

LED low battery indicator

High effective dust protection with metal mesh suction filter

Ultra-light trigger

Quick and easy depth adjustments

Main Advantages

From 1/2" to 1-1/2" long nails for added versatility

Drives up to 3000 fixings per charge

Easy to load fuel cell

Reversible belt loop hook

Get a FREE

Get a FREE

The best nail gun for concrete

With an impressive 105 Joules of force, the FORCE ONE gas nailer effortlessly tackles tough concrete. Combined with the recommended nail size, it ensures long-lasting durability for your installations.

Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, this tool replaces laborious manual nailing with effortless productivity. Swiftly and accurately drive nails into concrete, streamlining your workflow and maximizing output. 

Feel the power and miss the weight

Get the best-in-class gas fastening system

- Powerful: 105 Joules
- Effective dust protection: Stainless Steel mesh filter cover
- Extreme maneuverability: Compact and balanced design
- High productivity: Quick release magazine and easy fuel access
- Great accessibility: Slim and longer one-nose piece
- Less fatigue operator: You need little pressure on the surface to nail, ideal for shooting on ceilings
-  No licensing requirements to operate with gas fastening

Think lightweight and powerful!

If you're affixing electric pipes in concrete ceilings you need a powerful and reliable tool to ensure optimal speed and top performance minimizing fatigue.

Attach your pipes and conduits with the Smart Clamp ABT

Step up your FORCE ONE accessories with our Smart Clamps. Designed with safety and productivity in mind, you'll save time and fatigue nailing the Smart Nailer Clamp directly on concrete or steel beams.

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Warranty and Registration

Register your FORCE ONE online
for an additional 2-year warranty

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