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Product demonstrations

Request a live demonstration of CELO products.

We want to make sure your tooling is the most appropriate for your needs. For this reason we provide free live demos of our innovative products so you make sure to take the right decision.Try before you buy

We understand you need to try the products you're going to use before buying them. Whether you are a construction professional working on site or a retailer working on the distribution, trying CELO innovative products will provide you with the keys to undertand its benefits, its easy installation and the unique competitive edge.

What to expect from your live demonstration?

We want to make sure you get the opportunity to try out our products in the same environment conditions and for the same applications you would normally use it on a daily baisis. That's why we may contact you to ensure we can reproduce the demonstration in the best location, making sure it includes everything required to perfrom a real demonstration such as base materals, tools and other accessories.

When needed, our demonstration vans, with dedicated power supply and base materials, will drive to the location agreed with you so the demo can be performed at a location that suits to you most, regardless it's at the jobsite or at the office.

Rely in our qualified technicians who visit hundred constructions sites during the year performing all type of product demonstrations and product trainings for a safe and correct use of the products.

Don't hesitate and arrange your onsite demo now!

Published: 2023-09-18