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CELO is structured in two main operational Business divisions:

CELO Fixings

CELO Fixings had three brands, each one specialized in different categories of products:

APOLO Supporting Systems.

Apolo was specialized in developing and manufacturing our own fasteners for electrical and sanitary installations. Our product range includes clamps, clips, profiles and nailers of gas or powder.

CELO Screws for wood and metal.

CELO was specialized in the development and own manufacture of screws. Our range includes self-tapping and self-drilling screws for aluminium windows or PVC, and VELOX screws for chipboard and wood.

APOLO MEA Fixing Technology. Nylon plugs and anchors.

Apolo-MEA was specialized in the development and own manufacture of light fixings. Our range includes heavy duty fixings, chemicals fixings and adhesives. Prescription, assessing and reliability are the added values that an expert German manufacturing company in fixation give you.

Since January 2019, we distribute all our products under the same brand CELO.

We have over 10.000 references in stock to cover the different market needs in fixation and assembling.
Our logistic system ensures a fast and efficient service, guaranteeing 97% of our stock products delivered within 24 hours.

CELO Fasteners

CELO Fasteners is the division specialized in the manufacturing and commercialization of precision screws for Electronic, Automotive, Electric Material and household appliances market.

Our product range includes screws for plastics, self threading TRILOBULAR™ screws for metals and machine screws including special screws for particular applications.

We work in collaboration with our customers to offer profitable and cost efficient solutions, focused on cost reduction and improvement of the assembly performance.

Published: 2023-09-18